The Eritrean St.mary tewhado orthodox church Oslo Norway More +4746276789 or mail to Church is open every sunday 06:00am-14:00pm

It's important that you are entering as a member, because all religious communities in Norway are state and local government support for their activities. The Eritrean Orthodox Church in Oslo also receive support through public municipal support, exactly as an equal basis with other religious communities. Unfortunately we do not run the church with only state/commune supports, we ask all our members support and voluntary donations. Any Orthodox christian believers who live permanently in Norway wants become a member is welcome to fill in registration form. Both children and adults should join us. For you to enroll as a member of the Eritrean tewhado St.mary orthodox church you must fill in your full and correct personal information. Not usable or incomplete informations may mean that you are not beside the church your entries data will be deleted immediately.

Please rememeber registration is only allowed those who live in Norway with a valid residence permit. We do not accept membership registration without a valid permit. All fields questions are requested must be checked.

First name
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Please read this carefully before you register
The Eritrean tewahdo coptic Orthodox Church collects personal information when you register voluntarily as membership of the church. All who sign up through this page are automatically members with the church communities and the church makes sure you are registered and enrolled in the membership database.

When the church has received your full contact information, the church can keep in touch with you by mail or e-mail even if you live far away from the church's regular worship service location. When you register as member the church asking for your full name, your birthdaydate 11 digits, email address, postal code, and place where you live.

The church keep your personaly information active in the church's members registration database system, so that you receive important information and newsletters. Your personaly information is well protected by the church and the church w'll not sell out to other third parties personal information you provided when you registered.

If you ask the church to delete your account public opinion, your account will usually be deactivated and then deleted from the user registration databasesystem after about 30 days.

You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for all personal information you provide is accurate up at registration. Church is not responsible for the wrong person the information you provide during registration.

All equipment located in the church area own's conviction by the church and you also understand that all the photos and video'er recorded up in the church will be published in cousin's website.

You have read and accept public opinion's terms and conditions, you also understand that by my participation, You give consent to receive newsletters via my email or postal address field.
Yes I have read and accept the church rules
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Other manual registration form can be download here save't as microsoft word on your pc.